B2B Experience Marketing from Taiwan  
TAITRA, Nancy S.Y. Hsu

Experience marketing has been practiced for years in business-to-consumer commerce and has been proven to be effective. But what about for business-to-business clients?

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) has now expanded the concept of experience marketing into B2B for large-scale international buyers. To encourage and facilitate large-volume imports from Taiwan, TAITRA has initiated a free customized trade service program called "eProcurement Site (ePS)", to enhance the sourcing experience of importers of Taiwan products.

ePS is designed exclusively for worldwide large-scale buyers with annual import volume above US10 million, and it is offered to them for free. ePS is the brainchild of TAITRA's B2B national ePortal management team, which is also the group behind Taiwantrade (http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/), the national trade portal of Taiwan that features an extensive database of nearly 90,000 Taiwan-based corporations and their online catalogs covering 43 industries.

Taiwantrade is an open online database to facilitate global traders in doing business with Taiwan and the customized ePS program is specially designed to provide qualified buyers with an exclusive Chinese-language e-procurement site created by a dedicated account manager who also can help them identify quality, capable, and willing Taiwan suppliers on their behalf.

Taiwantrade will commit itself to 50 ePS sourcing projects in 2007. As of the first four months of this year, 11 ePS projects have been accomplished, while 12 other projects are in hand. Besides the existing repeat clients such as the globally recognized branded companies Delphi and Bosch, ePS has also given a hand to large local trade leaders, like Tsyn Group in Belarus, Boise Cascade in North America, Al Fahidi Stationery from Dubai, CETASA from Spain, etc.

In addition, buyers such as Delphi SA, 1A Auto, Boise Cascade, and Auto Parts Warehouses have literally indicated that ePS has enabled them to narrow down the targets and thus saves them substantial time and cost.

Based on the large-scale procurement volume placed by existing ePS users, it is estimated that TAITRA's ePS sourcing assistance contributed about USD30 million to Taiwan's export revenues last year, and is expected to generate around USD100 million for this year.

ePS has already proven to be a highly effective and valued sourcing platform adopted by repeat users since 1995, and is now poised to cover a wide range of competitive Taiwan industries, including machinery, consumer electronics & components, computers & peripherals, automobile & bicycle parts/accessories, sporting goods, hand tools & metal hardware, textiles & garments, and agricultural produce & processed foods.

If your company is qualified and interested in exploring trade opportunity with Taiwan, we highly recommend utilizing Taiwantrade's eProcurement Site (EPS) service now to enjoy the same advantages some other large companies and trade leaders have been enjoying without any cost other than their spare time.

Remember: With no cost other than your cooperation, you can make Taiwantrade your customized e-sourcing platform all year round!

For further information, please contact your local Taiwan Trade Center branch office, or simply complete the registration form online at ePS introductory page (http://eps.taiwantrade.com.tw/) and see how our experienced staff can continue the process for you.

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